When I look into your eyes, there’s a magic I can’t explain.

Somehow I know that you see past all the hurt and you take away my pain.

You take me as I am, whatever mess that I may be.

And my heart became unlocked, because somehow your magic was able to set me free.

You see past all my flaws, even the ones I try to hide.

You are the only one I’d ever want standing by my side!

I know you think I’m amazing, but in my eyes, so are you!

And I will think that way forever, no matter what you do!

There’s a light somewhere inside you, that reaches all you meet.

You may never be able to see it, but it’s really quite unique!

It gives those around you hope, even if just a glimmer.

And even when I’m  not around you, your light just never gets dimmer!

I hope one day you see inside you, what I’ve seen from just one glance.

It’s the only way to set yourself free and give yourself a fighting chance!

I knew you were special right from the very start, because it could only take someone special like you, to be able to open up my now unbroken heart!

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